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Look After Your Teeth – And They Will Help Look After You in Life
Keep smiling. Well, that’s not always easily done if cash is tight and the Medicaid allowance is on a short leash. You know your teeth and gums are suffering, but in America today getting them fixed t...Full Story
How to Eat Healthily in an All Inclusive Hotel
Eating healthily on holiday can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. When you're constantly moving from place to place where you don't know any of the local eateries, and when you're trying to keep your...Full Story
Why You May Want to Try a Gluten-Free Diet
Gluten may be one of the more difficult foods to avoid, as it is such a ubiquitous part of the Western diet. When you think that gluten is found in most bread, pasta, bagels, breakfast cereal and bake...Full Story
Despite 'Healthier' Options, Fast Food Is Still High in Calories
A trip to your local drive-through may present you with more options than you would have had a decade ago. Salads, oatmeal, fruit smoothies – at a glance it’s easy to think that fast food restaurants ...Full Story
'Social Snacking' – Facebook Users Update Their Status to Feel Less Lonely
When friends – real, live friends, not "Facebook Friends" – told me about Facebook a few years ago and urged me to sign up, I asked them what it was like. Most of them talked about it in superlatives,...Full Story
Bulletproof Coffee Review – For Weight Loss and Concentration
Putting butter in coffee appears to be the latest craze across the web and there are a huge number of fans who enthusiastically promote its benefits and recommend it to anyone who will listen. It soun...Full Story
Inaugural Chair in Nursing Research to Benefit Children’s National
Washington, DC – Nurses play a critical role in saving patients’ lives as they deliver 90 percent of healthcare in the United States. Recognizing this, William and Joanne Conway, generous philanthropi...Full Story
The Launch of – A New Kind of Cancer Community
Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) March 26, 2014

Reimagine announced today that its revolutionary program, proven in multiple studies to improve the lives of cancer patients and their caregivers, is now avai...Full Story
Boost Your Brain Power and Your Metabolism in Less Time
High intensity interval training, known as HIIT, has been scoring one scientific victory after another, and I am excited to share two new study findings that I hope will excite you as much as they did...Full Story
Thousands to Take 'Chocolate Pills' in Huge 4-Year Test
(NEWSER) – Surely you've heard that chocolate can be good for you: Now researchers are aiming to take all of dark chocolate's healthy components and pack them into pill form, in an attempt to prevent ...Full Story
Headed for the OR? Five Questions to Ask Your Surgeon Before the Operation
The answers may make a difference in your outcome

ROCHESTER, Minn. — Mar. 10, 2014 — The news that you will need surgery can prompt many questions and a lot of anxiety. Beyond details about your me...Full Story
How to Make Simple, Homemade, Holiday Crowd-Pleasers

(StatePoint) Whether you’re playing host or bringing a side dish to someone else’s holiday gathering, preparing a delicious crowd-pleaser that’s simple and affordable to make is a priority for many...Full Story

For Busy Families, Holiday Travel Can Offer the Gift of Quality Time
(StatePoint) The holiday season can be a great time of the year to catch up and reconnect with family. That’s especially important at a time when more than 50 percent of working moms and dads find it ...Full Story
Holidays can be Stressful for Seniors: Advice for Caregivers
(StatePoint) The holidays may be filled with joy, but for the ever-growing number of aging Americans and those who care for them this otherwise celebratory season can become mired in challenges.

Th...Full Story
Winter Wellness Tips
(StatePoint) Cooler temperatures often bring along the season's sniffles and colds.  With a few winter wellness tips, you can prepare for a happier and healthier season, regardless of your budget, wit...Full Story
Natural Ways to Stay Healthy this Season
(StatePoint) While you’re probably already accustomed with conventional ways of looking and feeling your best, this winter, consider more natural approaches to health and wellness.

Here are several...Full Story
You’re Not Alone - A Doctor’s Take on Common Gastrointestinal Symptoms

(StatePoint) Frequent and bothersome gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms are more common than you may think. While estimates may vary, five percent to 15 percent of adults in the United States may be af...Full Story

(Northfield, IL)---After working in corporate America for the past 30 years, including a 15-year stint with a local startup that was recently purchased by The New York Stock Exchange, Sam Long was fac...Full Story
Eat Fresh All Year: A Guide to Seasonal Cooking

Buying fresh fruits and vegetables in season at farmers' markets or roadside stands – or growing them yourself – is the first step in making tastier, healthier meals.

Each season brings its ...Full Story
Calcium, Vitamin D Impact Bones' Response to Exercise
It may not be how many supplements you take but when you take them that affects your bones during exercise, according to a new study.

TUESDAY, June 18, 2013 — You may know...Full Story
The AAP Offers New Resources During Autism Awareness Month
The American Academy of Pediatrics joins with other child health organizations in recognizing April as Autism Awareness Month. In 2012, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that 1 ...Full Story
Study Shows Some Children with Eye Cancer Can Avoid Chemotherapy
French researchers have found that some children with low-risk retinoblastoma who are treated with surgery can safely skip post-surgery chemotherapy without the disease returning or spreading. And tho...Full Story
Aspirin Linked to Lower Melanoma Risk in Study
A study of women ages 50 to 79 has found that taking aspirin is associated with a lower risk of melanoma skin cancer. This may be welcome news for women who already take a daily aspirin. However, sinc...Full Story
Studies Examine Doctor-Patient Communication about End-of-life Care
Two studies led by researchers from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute conclude that a frank, honest discussion with their doctor can help terminally ill cancer patients make informed treatment choices that...Full Story
Colon Cancer Prevention and Early Detection: What You Need to Know
Over the past few decades, more people have been surviving colon cancer, and fewer people have been dying from it. This is thanks partly to improvements in colon cancer screening. Screening, the proce...Full Story
Is it a mole or melanoma?
Winter is ending and the temptation to shed some layers comes alive.

But if you do show off your body, pay attention -- particularly if you are a mole-y person with dozens of moles, especially funn...Full Story
Melatonin Study
Melatonin allows for the regulation of sleep cycles naturally. Discovered by physicians at Yale University School of Medicine in 1958, the hormone Melatonin is a tiny endocrine gland located in the ce...Full Story
SEPHIRA - A Cirque of the Soul The World's First Spiritual Cirque Debuts in Chicago at the newly emerged Whole Life Expo - May 31-June, 2013
(March 21, 2013-Chicago) - The legendary Whole Life Expo is reincarnating after 12 years of hiatus as an entire body/mind mystical experience- a barrage of colors, motion, sounds, acrobatics and surre...Full Story
Blue Cross Blue Shield Texas Launches “Be Covered Texas” Campaign to Raise Awareness of Individual Health Insurance Enrollment Options
Richardson, Texas March 12, 2013 - Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) today launched a statewide education and outreach initiative targeting Texas' uninsured residents. The Be Covered Texas ...Full Story
Acting Out Dreams Linked to Development of Dementia, Mayo Clinic Study Finds
SAN DIEGO - The strongest predictor of whether a man is developing dementia with Lewy bodies - the second most common form of dementia in the elderly - is whether he acts out his dreams while sleeping...Full Story
LOS ANGELES – Women are 30 percent less likely to die of ovarian cancer if they have guideline-recommended treatment, yet nearly two-thirds of those with the disease do not receive it, often because t...Full Story
LOS ANGELES – Patients with advanced ovarian cancer who undergo intensive treatment with chemotherapy that bathes the abdomen are significantly more likely to live longer than those who receive standa...Full Story
Cancer Biologists Find DNA-Damaging Toxins in Common Plant-Based Foods

Liquid smoke, black and green teas and coffee produced levels of cell DNA damage comparable to chemo drugs

In a laboratory study pairing food chemistry and cancer biology, scientists at th...Full Story
Cleveland Clinic Research Uses Breath Test to Identify Heart Failure in Patients

Non-invasive Test Detects Leading Cause of Hospital Readmissions

Cleveland Clinic researchers have successfully identified heart failure in patients by using exhaled breath analysis, a new...Full Story
How Cardiac Rehabilitation Changed One Man's Life


Northwestern's Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute Cardiac Rehabilitation program paved the way

Amar Vakil seemed to have it all: A rapidly growing management consulting business and...Full Story
Breaking the Cycle of Teen Pregnancy
Nearly 1 in 5 teen births is a repeat birth. Learn what you can do to help break the cycle of teen pregnancy.

Pregnancy during the teen years can change the lives and futures of th...Full Story
Living with Prostate Cancer
More men in the US are diagnosed with prostate cancer than any other cancer type except for skin cancer. About 2.8 million men in the United States are estimated to be living with the disease. It can ...Full Story
Society-Funded Researchers Take Aim at Pancreatic Cancer
Pancreatic cancer is a seemingly unbreachable tumor, earning it a decades-long ranking as one of the most difficult cancers to treat. It is the fourth most deadly cancer among both men and women in th...Full Story
FDA Approves Gleevec for Type of Childhood Leukemia
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Gleevec (imatinib) to treat children who are newly diagnosed with a form of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). The treatment is for Philadelphia...Full Story
Physicians entangled in tainted drugs lawsuits
A deadly meningitis outbreak involving tainted steroid shots that has killed at least 45 people and sickened nearly 700 more has led to an explosion of lawsuits against the compounding pharmacy linked...Full Story
Finding the Way to Memory: Receptor Plays Key Role in Regulating Plasticity of Brain's Nerve Cell Conn
Feb. 4, 2013 — Our ability to learn and form new memories is fully dependent on the brain's ability to be plastic -- that is to change and adapt according to new experiences and environments.

A ne...Full Story
Human Brain Is Divided On Fear and Panic: Different Areas of Brain Responsible for External, Internal Threats
Feb. 4, 2013 — When doctors at the University of Iowa prepared a patient to inhale a panic-inducing dose of carbon dioxide, she was fearless. But within seconds of breathing in the mixture, she cried ...Full Story
Fried Foods Linked to Increased Risk of Prostate Cancer
SEATTLE – According to a study by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, WA, regular consumption of deep-fried foods is associated with an increased risk of prostate cancer.
Correspon...Full Story
International Leader in Medical Education joins Loyola’s Health Sciences Division
William C. McGaghie, Ph.D., was named the director of the Leischner Institute for the Loyola University Chicago Health Sciences Division. Before joining Loyola, McGaghie was the Jacob R. Suker, MD, pr...Full Story
Bulls partner with Rush University’s Medical Center to help uninsured communities get healthy
The Chicago Bulls will be making an appearance at Rush University’s Medical Center’s free health fair.

According to Rush University’s press release, there are approximately one million people in t...Full Story
Northwestern Medicine
Northwestern Medicine plans to increase research funding and jobs at its new medical research facility in Chicago's Streeterville neighborhood. On January 14, it announced that it'll be investing $1 b...Full Story
University of Chicago Medicine
The University of Chicago Medicine teams up with the Chicago White Sox to combat childhood obesity – the number one health problem facing children in the United States today.

This newly created pa...Full Story
Coping With Grief During the Holidays
Losing a loved one to cancer is a painful and difficult experience. The death of a loved one is always traumatic, but during the holidays, the feelings of loss can be even more pronounced. Each person...Full Story
Holiday Words of Inspiration from Cancer Survivors
Dealing with cancer is never easy, but it can be even more difficult during the holidays. Here, some members of the online community WhatNext, developed with the participation of the American Cancer S...Full Story
Psychosocial distress associated with increased stroke risk
Study Highlights:

  • Psychosocial distress is associated with increased risk of stroke deaths and strokes in people over age 65.

  • Psychosocial distress includes depre...Full Story
New guidelines can improve treatment for severe heart attack patients
Guidelines Highlights:

  • New streamlined guidelines will help healthcare providers better treat patients with the most severe form of heart attack known as STEMI.

  • ...Full Story
Americans’ heart health varies significantly from state to state
Study Highlights:

  • Americans’ cardiovascular health varies greatly from state to state.

  • The percentage of the population with ideal cardiovascular health var...Full Story
Exercise Helps Control Type 1 Diabetes
dailyRx News) When it comes to controlling type 2 diabetes, exercise plays a crucial role. Even resistance exercise like weightlifting can lower blood sugar levels. Now it seems resistance exercise ma...Full Story
Eating When You Have No Appetite
During treatment for cancer, eating right is important. Some people continue to enjoy food and have a normal appetite throughout their treatment. Others have days when they don’t feel like eating as m...Full Story
The Caregiver’s Kitchen: Cooking for a Person with Cancer
Caring for a person with cancer means meeting their most basic needs, and there’s no need more basic than food. Providing nutritious and appealing food choices for someone you love is an important way...Full Story
50 of the Most Powerful People in Healthcare
The re-election of President Obama in November 2012 means the solidification of change for the healthcare industry; since the polls closed, support for the repeal of the Affordable Care Act has droppe...Full Story
Four Ways to Reduce Your Breast Cancer Risk
About 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer at some point during her life. While you can’t change some risk factors—genetics and aging, for example—there are things you can do that may lower your br...Full Story
Exercise Can Help Cancer Patients’ Quality of Life
A lifestyle that includes physical activity can be beneficial for just about everyone, no matter their age, and as experts now know, even if they have cancer. At one time, patients with cancer, especi...Full Story
Statin Use Linked to Reduced Cancer Deaths
A study by Danish researchers suggests that people who take statin drugs to lower their cholesterol are less likely to die from cancer than people who have never taken statins. The data also suggest t...Full Story
How much salt are you eating? Beware the sodium in these “Salty Six” foods
DALLAS, TX– Eating too many salty foods can create all sorts of health problems, including high blood pressure. But did you know a lot of common foods are packed with excess sodium? It’s not just the...Full Story
Decisions doctors must make to avoid Medicare penalties
A physician’s decision not to report Medicare quality measures or participate in paperless prescribing and health record programs in 2013 will be a costly one in the long run.

The programs have bee...Full Story
AMA adopts principles to ensure autonomy for employed physicians
Honolulu Furthering the American Medical Association’s previously stated goal to be “the lead association for employed physicians,” the AMA House of Delegates adopted policy outlining principles for p...Full Story
Breast Cancer Discoveries on the Horizon
What if there was an easier, faster way to find out whether a breast tumor was malignant or benign? What if a weak spot was finally found in triple-negative breast cancer? What if we knew how breast c...Full Story
The Truth About Kids and Smoking
Every day, more than 3,800 children ages 12 to 17 in the United States smoke their first cigarette, according to the 2012 US Surgeon General’s report, Preventing Tobacco Use Among Youth and Young Adul...Full Story
AHA: Aspirin doesn't reduce VTE recurrence
HealthDay News -- Aspirin did not reduce recurrent venous thromboembolism (VTE) in patients with a first unprovoked event who completed initial anticoagulant therapy, but it did provide significant se...Full Story
New doctors trained to overcome LGBT health care gap
In four years of medical school, most students average only five hours of education on the health needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender patients.
An estimated 3.4% of Americans identify the...Full Story
AHA: Multivitamins don't reduce CV events
HealthDay News -- Multivitamins do not reduce the risk of major cardiovascular events in older men, results from the Physicians' Health Study II showed.

Rates of myocardial infarction, stroke or ca...Full Story
FDA approves new, once-daily oral medication for MS patients
In autumn of 2009, Ali Salama was training for the ING New York City marathon and felt some numbness in her legs.
Originally, she attributed the problem to shin splints and took a break. But the ...Full Story
Regular physical activity reduces risk of dementia in older people
Study Highlights:
-Physical activity significantly reduces the risk of dementia in older people.
-The effect of physical activity remained regardless of age, education or history of stroke or diabet...Full Story
More than half of hospitals don’t screen all ICU patients for MRSA
MRSA and other multidrug-resistant organisms account for most hospital infections. State-mandated screening may prove ineffective.
The majority of hospitals are eschewing aggressive, time-consuming a...Full Story
Statement on Final FY2013 IPPS and LTCH PPS
We commend CMS for recognizing that its proposed new cut of 0.8%, approximately $850 million, in Medicare payments to hospital care would have been detrimental for America’s seniors. Hospitals care fo...Full Story
America’s hospitals continue to harness the power of electronic health records (EHRs) to improve and support patient care. While hospitals are accelerating their IT adoption, today’s regulations make ...Full Story
AHRQ Patient Safety Project Reduces Bloodstream Infections by 40 Percent
A unique nationwide patient safety project funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) reduced the rate of central line-associated bloodstream infections (CLABSIs) in intensive car...Full Story
New Report Finds that Sequester of Medicare Spending Could Lead to More than 750,000 Jobs Lost
WASHINGTON (September 12, 2012) – The American Hospital Association (AHA), the American Medical Association (AMA) and the American Nurses Association (ANA) today released a new report that found up to...Full Story
WASHINGGTON (Noveember 1, 20012) – The AAmerican Hoospital Assoociation todaay filed suit aagainst
the U.S. Deppartment of Health and HHuman Servvices (HHS) for refusingg to meet its financial
obl...Full Story
CVS/pharmacy, American Diabetes Association sponsor diabetes campaign
WOONSOCKET, R.I. — CVS/pharmacy has announced that it is partnering with the American Diabetes Association as the sponsor of "A Day in the Life of Diabetes" campaign — a photo-sharing campaign on the ...Full Story
NFL Veteran Chris Draft Tackles Lung Cancer Awareness
Former NFL linebacker Chris Draft wants everybody to know the disturbing facts about lung cancer: that it kills more people than breast, prostate, colon, liver, and melanoma skin cancer combined. That...Full Story
FDA Reports Voluntary Recall of All Ameridose Drug Products
The FDA has issued a release announcing that Ameridose, LLC, is voluntarily recalling all of its unexpired products in circulation.

Located in Westborough, Mass., Ameridose shares common management...Full Story
Chewing on the Future of Food
The second annual Food Day, October 24, is now in the history books. Established by the Center for Science in the Public Interest last year, Food Day is rather analogous to Earth Day; both are intende...Full Story
Food intolerance: What to eat on Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas
Food intolerances, allergies and sensitivities are being diagnosed now more than ever before and we can’t eat everything we used to enjoy! It’s a reality that many of us cannot eat everything on the m...Full Story
Superstorm Sandy: Basic Health and Safety Tips
In case of power outage: Never use a grill, camp stove or generator inside your home, the Red Cross advises. Keep your refrigerator closed as much as possible. An unopened refrigerator can keep food c...Full Story
HEALTH AND FITNESS: Is organic food healthier?
Organic food, including produce, milk and meat, are becoming more popular among consumers each year. In fact, sales of organic foods now account for almost $26 billion per year, up from $1 billion jus...Full Story
Fast-Food Breakfast Sandwiches May Slow Down Blood Flow: Study
TUESDAY, Oct. 30 (HealthDay News) -- Think about this the next time you chow down on one of those meat-egg-and-cheese breakfast sandwiches: A new study suggests that your fast-food breakfast sandwich ...Full Story
Program helps students make healthy food choices
DERBY -- Zachary Volo had his heart broken by pizza.

Volo, a senior at Derby High School, loved the pizza served at his school's cafeteria. But he hasn't been able to look at it the same since his ...Full Story
Unsafe food putting lives at risk
Washington (CNN) -- Despite sweeping reform of food safety laws intended to make what we eat less dangerous, the number of Americans falling ill or dying from contaminated food has increased 44% since...Full Story
7 ways to beat your food addiction
It’s an all-too-common scenario: You wake up in the morning swearing today’s the day when you’ll eat clean, nourish yourself with a healthy breakfast at home, and pass up the glistening bakery goodies...Full Story
Health Controversy: Is This New Milk a Health Do or Franken-Food?
Know someone who's allergic to milk? A true dairy allergy can be very difficult to live with (I know someone who gets violently ill after eating dairy products). But, could this new milk be the soluti...Full Story
Health Buzz: Salmonella Infects Salmon and Peanut Butter
Salmonella-tainted smoked salmon has sickened more than 100 Americans and about 200 Dutch, prompting a major recall, Dutch health officials announced today. The National Institute for Public Health an...Full Story
Who's going to tell George Foreman? Why 'healthy' grilled food could actually be making you fat
It is regarded as a healthier alternative to frying food.
But eating grilled and roasted meals could actually increase the risk of obesity and diabetes, research suggests.
This is because when food ...Full Story
Food firms forced to face scorecard over health claims
MILO drink and Nutri-grain cereal are unhealthy, a new nutrient scorecard endorsed by health ministers says.
When the NSW Cancer Council tested a sample of packaged food and drinks using the new crit...Full Story
New Orleans' New Urban Farming and Food Center
New Orleans hopes to gain new jobs as well as healthy, fresh food from a new Urban Farming and Food Center. The Recirculating Farms Coalition and New Orleans Food and Farm Network announced yesterday ...Full Story
Cartoon stickers may sway kids' food choices
Can Elmo make children like apples?

For children who turn up their noses at fruits and vegetables, slapping a cartoon face on a healthy snack may make those choices more appealing, according to a U...Full Story
Top 5 Gluten-Free Foods

Growing up with food allergies has really transformed my diet in a major way. A few years ago, having a “gluten-free” diet was looked upon as just another new fad diet. There was not a lot of awar...Full Story
Fast-food giants try to cut the 'guilty,' leave the 'pleasure'
Fast food surges through Alec Armbruster's veins. His father, an advertising expert, has consulted for McDonald's, while Alec, 18, has stuffed many of his teen years with a "once-every-three-days" Tac...Full Story
Good food is good for your mood
There has been a growing awareness of the vital significance of good nutrition for the optimal functioning of the human brain. Chocolate, strawberries, blueberries, and teas among others foods have be...Full Story
A.M. Vitals: Heart Cure Trouble and Food Safety
Here is what’s making health news this morning:

Facing Lifesaving Heart Surgery, Twice (WSJ)

The first generation of patients to have historic, lifesaving heart surgery as newborns or children i...Full Story
Why We're So Fat: What's Behind the Latest Obesity Rates
t used to be that rich and fat were terms associated with people, not dessert. A portly shape, in fact, signaled the good life. If you ever saw the musical Oliver!, you may recall the number, "Food, G...Full Story
U.S. children's cholesterol levels down significantly
Against the drumbeat of bad news on obesity and diabetes among children, researchers have uncovered a cause for cautious optimism: a steady and significant improvement in the cholesterol profiles of A...Full Story
A Medicaid opportunity:
The Congressional Budget Office recently estimated that 30 million Americans still will be left without health insurance in 2022, after the U.S. Supreme Courtruling that largely upheld President Obama...Full Story
Splish, splash, you can tone up your lats
With temperatures heating up, it's a good time to take your workout to the water.

After years of getting a bad rap as "senior-cize," water workouts are finally moving into the younger mainstream, a...Full Story
How dogs can help unravel genetic diseases in people
Dog lovers may be interested in an article published this week in the New England Journal of Medicine: It highlights the discoveries scientists are making about diseases that various dog breeds are pr...Full Story
3 Ways to Get Fast Food From Your Garden
You'd think if anyone were eating healthy meals every day, it would be me, the biodynamic farmer and green business owner, wouldn't you? My entire business day is spent showing individuals, communitie...Full Story
Are you addicted to sugar?
Sugar is the femme fatale of the food world. Equal parts seductive and evil, it whispers sweet nothings to our tastebuds and then does its damage once it slips past our lips. It has been linked to obe...Full Story
Health Buzz: Junk Food Laws May Help Curb Obesity
School Snack Laws May Help Prevent Obesity

Junk food laws may help curb kids' obesity, a new study suggests. Students who lived in states with laws governing the sale of unhealthy snacks at school ...Full Story
Swine Flu Cases Spike: 145 and Rising
The number of reported cases of a variant flu strain has jumped from 29 to 145 in less than a week, federal health officials reported Thursday.
According to surveillance statistics from the U.S. Cent...Full Story
Healthy Food Tips for Back-to-School Success
CINCINNATI, Aug. 9, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — While parents prepare to send their children back to school, they need to remember that nutrition plays a huge role in academic success. Whitney Rich...Full Story
UN agency calls for action to promote sustainable diets and food biodiversity
8 August 2012 – Countries must take immediate action to promote sustainable diets and food biodiversity to improve the health of their citizens, the United Nations food agency states in a new book, jo...Full Story
Red = Don't Eat: Simple Food Labels and the Effective Illusion of Control
From New York City's point of view, humans are notoriously bad at making good decisions. That's what makes a ban on large sodas necessary: the idea that Americans can't be trusted with their own healt...Full Story
Variety could boost veggie eating
Giving people a choice of vegetables at mealtimes got them eating more greens, but not fewer calories, says a new small study.
Still, Dr. Barbara Rolls of Pennsylvania State University, who co-author...Full Story
Why whole-grain health claims aren't always what they seem
Made with whole grains! 100-per-cent whole wheat! Multigrain! The cereal aisle, bread counter and snack departments are laden with healthy-sounding promises. Are they too good to be true?

Dietitian...Full Story
Activists grill producers of modified corn Monsanto's engineered crop hits stores unlabeled, but Wal-Mart isn't worried
As the Midwest crunches into sweet corn season, a new type will be appearing on grocery store shelves — even though shoppers have no way to recognize it.

It's genetically modified sweet corn from t...Full Story
Top 5 Foods for More Sustained Energy
For people who are consistently on the go, wavering energy seems far too familiar. As if life wasn’t complicated enough, dealing with careers, relationships, family our energy can quickly dissipate, w...Full Story
Neither Human Health nor Food Safety Were Ever At Risk in 4th Mad Cow
An April-to-August investigation has closed the book on the fourth case of Mad Cow Disease, or bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), in the United States.

The California Holstein discovered last ...Full Story
The 5 Best and 5 Worst Cocktails
Across the board, studies keep telling us that a bit of alcohol in your diet enhances health and lengthens life span. But last time you hit the bar, you woke up feeling like someone was using a rototi...Full Story
Wine or Beer: Which Is Better for You?
Now that beer is once again the alcohol of choice for Americans, with 41 percent claiming it as their preferred drink, according to a recent Gallup Poll, it's worth asking, are we making a mistake? Af...Full Story
Garden Fresh recalling 7 tons of packaged salads
MILWAUKEE — A Wisconsin company that makes packaged salads is recalling nearly seven tons of products because they contain onions that are the subject of a separate recall.

Milwaukee-based Garden ...Full Story
Food allergy label changes coming into effect: New food labelling regulations apply to priority allergens, gluten and sulphites
Health Canada's new food labelling regulations, which come into force Saturday, will make it easier for people with food allergies, their families and caregivers to determine which products to avoid. ...Full Story
Five Second Rule For Dropped Food - Fact Or Fiction?
True or False? Lots of mums know the five-second rule, a common superstition, which says that food dropped on the ground will not be contaminated with bacteria if it is picked up within five seconds o...Full Story
Chile Bans Toys in Fast Food to Attack Child Obesity
Santiago, Chile – Facing an uptick in child obesity, Chile is cracking down on the happy meal.
A new law in Chile aims to take some of the fun out of fast-food by forcing McDonald's, Burger King, KF...Full Story
Gluten-free: food fad or alternative remedy? Research suggests that more people are truly getting sick from gluten in wheat
ATLANTA — It sounds like an unfolding epidemic: A decade ago, virtually no one in the U.S. seemed to have a problem eating gluten in bread and other foods. Now, millions do.
Gluten-free products are ...Full Story
Should Movies Be Rated 'R'... For Smoking?
In a movie, when a character smokes, is that effectively an advertisement for smoking?

Researchers from the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth have found a strong relationship between movie smo...Full Story
Cheese Will Make You Happy, May Also Lower Diabetes Risk
Science has finally caught up with deliciousness with the new findings that eating cheese can reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 12 percent. Naturally, the flavor of this news is paired ...Full Story
Fuel Future Olympians While On The Go With These Tips
Helping your child eat healthy while traveling can be a challenge. Fueling Olympians and future Olympians on the go is difficult because of unfamiliar foods, lack of knowledge about the local food sce...Full Story
The Countries That Work Out The Most (And Least)
The Lancet recently released a series of reports on the state of physical activity -- or, more accurately, inactivity -- around the globe. Among the results? One in 10 deaths is now attributable to in...Full Story
10 Healthier Beers (And How To Choose The Right One)
Feeling guilty about knocking a few back? It might be time to stop! Beer consumption has been shown to help protect against heart disease and lower the risk of hypertension with moderate consumption -...Full Story
The Kill of the Thrill
A 70-year-old restaurateur, Josephine "Ann" Harris, died of cardiac arrest hours after President Obama stopped at her diner for breakfast last week. Harris, who didn't know that Obama would visit unti...Full Story
The Truth About High-Fructose Corn Syrup
What about all that talk of high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS)?

Is high-fructose corn syrup really hazardous to your health? The Healthy Skeptic separates the truth from the rumors.

Click the link ...Full Story
Cool Down With A Hot Drink? It's Not As Crazy As You Think
Hot tea on a hot day? Not for me, thank you. Not my idea of how to cool down.

But I've been doing a series of stories for Morning Edition called Summer Science, where I tackle such subjects as how ...Full Story
Teaching Hospitals, Medical Students Applaud Supreme Court's Health-Care Ruling
The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday, in a 5-4 decision that caught many observers by surprise, upheld a sweeping health-care overhaul that provides insurance coverage to 32 million more people, allows ...Full Story
Supreme Court Health Care: Obama Wins The Battle, Prepares For The War
Three years after Democrats began crafting health care reform, nearly 18 months after the president signed it into law, and eight months since the Supreme Court agreed to hear a challenge to its const...Full Story
Health Benefits of Water-Based Exercise
Swimming is the second most popular sports activity in the United States and a good way to get regular aerobic physical activity. Just two and a half hours per week of aerobic physical activity, such ...Full Story
Road Trip Survival Guide
Whether you're embarking on an adventure to the Grand Canyon or trekking to Grandma's for turkey day, chances are a road trip is in your future.

But logging long miles in the car can be exhausting ...Full Story
Reduce Your Risk of Arthritis and Joint Pain
Arthritis is a common and general term for inflamed joints. There is no cure for many forms of arthritis; however, some forms can be brought under control. Arthritis and some forms of joint pain are h...Full Story
Remedies for a Stiff Neck
Most of the time, the main reason for a stiff neck is poor posture. This does not necessarily mean that you always sit wrong, just that there are some things that you do that puts unneeded pressure on...Full Story
How to Find Out What's Causing Your Allergies
An allergy can often be somewhat of a mystery, starting off with a stuffy nose and swollen eyes, ending in itchy, irritated skin or exacerbated asthma symptoms. Whichever side effects your allergy is ...Full Story
Can Exercise Help Prevent Alzheimer's Disease?
Without a doubt, an Alzheimer's disease diagnosis is perhaps the most frightening prognosis that can be received. Debilitating at best, Alzheimer's symptoms are so serious that most people with advanc...Full Story
Earliest Warning Signs of Diabetes
Diabetes is a serious condition that can cause many serious complications if it is not spotted early on. Once a patient is aware of their condition, it is only then that they can start to modify their...Full Story
Spring Clean Your Life!
Everyone has heard of spring cleaning. Usually it refers to things like going through your clothes closets and tossing out things you no longer wear, or cleaning out storage areas to make room for new...Full Story
National Women's Checkup Day: May 14, 2012
Take the pledge!

The tenth annual National Women's Checkup Day will be held on Monday, May 14, 2012, during National Women's Health Week. The day is dedicated to encourage women to visit their heal...Full Story
National Minority Health Month Raises Awareness About Healthcare Disparities
April is National Minority Health Month.

This year's theme, Health Equity Can't Wait. Act Now in Your CommUNITY!, is a call to action and unity for the regions, the state and local offices of minor...Full Story
Counteract the Effects of Prolonged Desk Sitting
For many of us, spending upwards of six to eight hours of each workday sitting at a desk is reality. Though you may not feel the effects immediately, your desk job may be adversely affecting your heal...Full Story
Babies Treated in the Womb For Obesity
Babies are being medicated in the womb in an attempt to prevent them from being born obese.

In a world first, dangerously overweight mothers-to-be in four British cities have started taking a diab...Full Story
Peripheral Artery Disease: A Hidden Problem in Women
If ever a disease deserved a new name, peripheral artery disease is it. "Peripheral" smacks of something on the sidelines. Nothing could be further from the truth. Peripheral artery disease affects at...Full Story
National Nutrition Month - Easy Tips to Lose Weight This March 2012
Who doesn't want a magic diet pill to shed that extra holiday or stress-related weight gain? Unfortunately, weight loss issues can't be solved with a quick fix. Over time, low-carb diets lead to ketos...Full Story
Big Sky, Bright Sun and Melanoma
There is no tanning salon in this brittle bend of the Snake River, no unlimited monthly Titanium package for $39.99, no interest in getting any more ultraviolet light than necessary during a day spent...Full Story
It's March Madness... a.k.a. Couch Potato Time
From March 11 (Selection Sunday) to April 2 (National Championship), March Madness consumes America. Arm chair hoopsters stare at their flat screens with tournament brackets in hand.

"Instead of s...Full Story
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month: How to Choose Your New Best Friend from an Animal Shelter
Among the biggest victims of the economic recession are the once beloved family pets surrendered to shelters as their owners deal with extended joblessness. The U.S. Humane Society estimates 6 to 8 mi...Full Story
Skimping on Meds Doesn't Save
If you've ever thought twice about going to the doctor or taking a pill because of the cost, you likely aren't alone.
About 20 percent of Americans over the age of 50 are switching to cheaper prescri...Full Story
Eight Things Women Must Know About Health Insurance
While health insurance is a vital service for everyone, women tend to use more services than men due to birth control, pregnancy, and infertility. That being said, women are more likely than men to go...Full Story
Stop Focusing on Money, Warns "Wall Street Whiz Kid"
He was the 31-year-old stockbroker dubbed "The Wall Street Whiz Kid" by Good Morning America’s Steve Crowley for his uncanny knack of predicting market highs and lows.

Now, after 25 years and two d...Full Story
Aging of Eyes Is Blamed for Range of Health Woes
For decades, scientists have looked for explanations as to why certain conditions occur with age, among them memory loss, slower reaction time, insomnia and even depression. They have scrupulously inv...Full Story
Recipes for Health: BiBimBap
Several years ago I wrote a book called "The Foodlover's Atlas of the World," a research project that allowed me to try signature dishes from just about every country in the world. One of my favorites...Full Story
Teen Depression: Increased Stress Puts More Teens at Risk, Doctor Warns
Adolescence is difficult in the best of times. It's doubly stressful for kids today; they’re experiencing the same worries and insecurities as adults in this troubled economy, and with far fewer copin...Full Story
Ask The Doctor: Are Generics As Good As Brand-Name Drugs?
Q. My doctor says I should switch to the generic version of Lipitor, but is it really the same as Lipitor?

A. Many of my patients are asking the same question. My answer to them and to you is prett...Full Story
Eating Disorders Are Not Just For Teenagers
Eating disorders are usually associated with teenage girls and young women, but more and more women in the baby boomer generation are suffering from them as well. Clinicians who treat eating disorders...Full Story
Five Things That Are Killing Us: Stay Clear of Perilous Plastic
In today's busy world convenience and practicality are paramount.

Microwaveable vegetables, plastic water bottles and individually-sized packaged snacks mean that making healthy choices is easier t...Full Story
The Well Quiz: How Adventurous Are You?
Are you excited by clearance sales, white-water rafting and illicit romance? Or perhaps you take a more cautious approach to life, opting for the same vacation each year and skipping dessert after a b...Full Story
How 1-Minute Intervals Can Improve Your Health
While many of us wonder just how much exercise we really need in order to gain health and fitness, a group of scientists in Canada are turning that issue on its head and asking, how little exercise do...Full Story
Eating Too Much Leads to Memory Loss
Overeating can double the risk of memory problems in old age, new research has found.

Studies by scientists in the United States have shown that a high calorific intake can substantially increase t...Full Story
Over Bowls Of Soup, Donors Find Recipe For Change
The Soup Movement in America is based on a simple recipe: Bring a bunch of people together to eat soup. Ask each person for a modest donation - say $5. Listen to a few proposals about how people might...Full Story
3 Tips for Finding True Love Any Time of the Year
So many people go searching for their true love in nightclubs, singles clubs, through online dating sites and among friends of friends. The truth is, finding true love starts right in your own home - ...Full Story
Provide a Loved One With a Vascular Screening This Valentine's Day
"It may sound unromantic at first,” said Donna Mendes, M.D., a member of the Society for Vascular Surgery. "In reality, a vascular screening of your loved one’s health is a very thoughtful Valentine’s...Full Story
Harmful Toothpaste
Most parents are careful about learning what's in the stuff their kids eat and drink. They avoid artificial dyes, preservatives, chemicals, and sweeteners. Yet ask just about any of those same folks i...Full Story
Over 600 Physicians, including 70 Catholics, Speak Out in Favor of HHS Contraception Ruling
Over 600 physicians and medical students from 49 states signed a letter to Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and President Obama in the last 24 hours urging them to maintain the recent HHS contraception rul...Full Story
9 Tips to Treat Colds and Flu the "Natural Way"
With no cure in sight for the cold or the flu, current treatments can at best bring symptom relief or shorten the duration of those symptoms. You can take one of a variety of medications that may help...Full Story
February is National Children's Dental Health Month
Each February, the American Dental Association (ADA) sponsors National Children's Dental Health Month to raise awareness about the importance of oral health. NCDHM messages and materials have reached ...Full Story
New Study Sheds Light On Why Autism Diagnosis Can Be So Difficult
Medical diagnoses are rarely clear-cut, and that may be particularly true among children with autism.

A new study finds that children with autism spectrum disorders are more likely to also have oth...Full Story
Paula Deen Spreads Word About Diabetes In a Down-Home Manner
Paula Deen, the warm, down-home cooking star known for her Southern recipes loaded with butter and sugar, says she decided not to talk about type 2 diabetes when she found out she had it three years a...Full Story
Angela Zhang, High School Student Devises Potential Cancer Cure
While it may not have been a typical extra-curricular activity, 17-year-old Angela Zhang's after school project may change the world. Zhang has been making headlines recently after taking home a check...Full Story
10 Gynecologic Cancer Symptoms Women Shouldn’t Ignore
MD Anderson experts highlight warning signs that should send women to a doctor:

Pelvic pain and abnormal bleeding aren't the only signs of gynecologic cancer. As part of Cervical Health Awareness ...Full Story
Cleveland Clinic Researcher Discovers Genetic Cause of Thyroid Cancer
Cleveland Clinic researchers have discovered three genes that increase the risk of thyroid cancer, which is has the largest incidence increase in cancers among both men and women.

Research led by C...Full Story
For Baby Boomers- 7 Ways to Exercise On The Cheap
Baby Boomer-supreme Jane Fonda started it all with her slinky leotard and goofy leg warmers. The one-time workout fad soon became a way of life for a generation that plans on living longer and better....Full Story
Textile Collection Company Kept 60 Million Pounds of Textiles Out of Landfills in 2011
Today USAgain, a Chicago-based textile collection company, announced its annual collection figures. In 2011 alone USAgain collected 60 million pounds of textiles for reuse and recycling around the gl...Full Story
Three Arrested in U.S. for Selling Stem Cell ‘Miracle Cures’ for Terminal Diseases
Three men were arrested and a fourth is being sought by the FBI in what investigators said was a scheme to market stem cells as miracle cures to desperate people suffering from terminal diseases.

T...Full Story
Virgin HealthMiles Shares Four Breakthrough Ideas Driving the Future of Workplace Health and Productivity in 2012
Rising healthcare costs are spurring U.S. businesses to abandon the "same old, same old" approaches when it comes to corporate wellness. Instead, they're thinking outside the box and putting strategie...Full Story
Starch May Raise Breast Cancer Recurrence Risk, Study Finds
A new study suggests yet again that our diets could have an effect on our cancer risks.

The research, presented at the 2011 CTRC-AACR San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, shows that consumption of ...Full Story
Avoiding Death by To-Do List: 15 Ways to Overcome Overload and Work Smarter in 2012
Now that the presents have been unwrapped and the halls have been undecked, it's back to the daily grind. And while you'd love to feel energized and excited about jumping into 2012, instead you're wei...Full Story
Health Care Law Will Let States Tailor Benefits
In a major surprise on the politically charged new health care law, the Obama administration said Friday that it would not define a single uniform set of "essential health benefits" that must be provi...Full Story
Make Better Health Your #1 New Year’s Resolution with Some Simple Changes
During the holidays—a time of indulging in cookies, candies and holiday parties—it’s only natural that many of us vow to lose weight and get fit once the clock hits midnight on New Year’s Eve. “Every...Full Story
Gift-Wrap Healthy Presents This Holiday Season
"Instead of buying a sweater, buy a sweat suit," said Steven Leers, MD, a member of the Society for Vascular Surgery. "Encourage exercise and healthy habits that will lead to the sharing of more holid...Full Story
The Abuse of Prescription Opioids
According to the Office of National Drug Control Policy and the most recent survey of drug use among young people - prescription drugs are the second-most abused category of drugs after marijuana. In ...Full Story
Holiday Gifts from the Heart, for the Heart
The holidays are here, and the quest to find the perfect gifts for friends and family is on. This year, give the gift that really does keep on giving - the gift of good heart health.

According to t...Full Story
Caring and Caregiving Through the Holidays: Seven Considerations for Families of Alzheimer's or Dementia Patients
According to the Alzheimer's Association, one in eight people over the age of 65 suffered from Alzheimer's disease in 2011, with that statistic rising to almost half of individuals over age 85 (that's...Full Story
Kids and Cholesterol: What You Need to Know
Recently, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services shocked parents around the country when they issued new guidelines regarding children and cholesterol. Their recommendations, joined by those o...Full Story
AMA Foundation Initiative Sends Stethoscopes to Those in Need Around the World
The AMA Foundation released a video featuring the contributions made by its WorldScopes initiative to medical students struggling to become the first generation of doctors in the newly formed country ...Full Story
Angioplasty a Day After a Heart Attack Not Worth It
Imagine this scenario: You've finally gone to the hospital because of chest pain you were having yesterday. After an electrocardiogram and blood test, you're told that sometime in the preceding 24 hou...Full Story
Mothers Plan to Risk Arrest Thursday To Provide Healthy Foods For Their Families
On Thursday, December 8, a group of mothers will risk arrest and other penalties by purchasing fresh, unprocessed milk from a small farm in Wisconsin, transporting it to Chicago and providing the milk...Full Story
Consider "Tweaking" Grandma's Beloved Holiday Recipes
Handed down from generation-to-generation, secret family recipes replicate beloved holiday meals. 'My grandmother had some of the best recipes," said Vivienne Halpern, MD, a member of the Society for ...Full Story
Another Study Shows U.S. Government's Diet Puts Public in Low-Salt Danger Zone
A medical study published today (Nov. 23) confirms that too little salt can harm you. Unfortunately, the low-salt diet the U.S. government is advocating for all Americans puts its citizens into a dang...Full Story
The Herb That Heals: The Benefits of Peppermint
When winter comes around people tend to indulge in peppermint flavored treats to celebrate the season. What many are unaware of is that the mint has many added health benefits as an essential oil.
...Full Story
Surviving Holiday Parties When You Have Social Anxiety
Socializing is a major part of the holiday season, but many people find it difficult.
If you suffer anxiety or feel tongue-tied at festive gatherings, here are some helpful tips from Martin Antony, a...Full Story
1st Artificial Windpipe Made With Stem Cells Seems Successful
A 36-year-old husband and father of two children with an inoperable tumor in his trachea (windpipe) has received the world's first artificial trachea made with stem cells.

A report published online...Full Story
Vaccines for Kids Shirked in Eight States
Have parents given the cold shoulder to immunizations for their kids? In eight states, more than 1 in 20 public school kindergartners fail to get all the vaccines required for attendance, according to...Full Story
6 Healthcare Stocks Insiders Are Buying
When insiders buy shares on the open market, their companies outperform the market on the average. There are two reasons for this. First, insiders trade based on nonpublic market moving information. T...Full Story
Hand Sanitizers: Protection From Mall's Germiest Spots
While the health hazards of increasingly competitive holiday shopping now include stampedes and pepper-spraying, bargain hunters can help assure that all they bring home from the mall are good deals, ...Full Story
'Tis the Season for Saving: 17 Tips to Keep Your Holiday Spending Habits off the Naughty List
Holiday shopping for 2011 is about to kick into full swing. And though many Americans are saving more throughout the year, the holidays offer that all-too-tempting opportunity to let loose and splurge...Full Story
Families Turning to Psychiatrists to Help Kids Hooked on Computer Games
Distressed families are flooding psychiatrists with pleas for help for children hooked on computer games and the Internet.

The condition known as "pathological Internet misuse" is growing so rapidl...Full Story
"Repeal Obamacare" Defines Republican Health-Care Plans in 2012
Repeal Obamacare.

That, at least, is the most common health-care policy proposal from the 2012 Iowa caucus candidates. The slogan dominates candidates' campaign websites and has become common rheto...Full Story
Four Drugs Cause Most Hospitalizations in Older Adults
Blood thinners and diabetes drugs cause most emergency hospital visits for drug reactions among people over 65 in the United States, a new study shows.

Just four medications or medication groups - ...Full Story
Free Autism Training for Illinois Department of Child and Family Services
Autism affects as many as one in 110 children born in the United States today. The rising rates have led to an increase in heartbreaking incidents involving individuals with autism, many of which may ...Full Story
MacMall Announces Medical Office Makeover Contest
MacMall, a leading authorized reseller of Apple products and a brand of a PC Mall, Inc. subsidiary (NASDAQ: MALL), today announced the launch of its Medical Office Makeover Contest. Targeted towards ...Full Story
Insurance Penalties For Smokers Draw Wide Support
When it comes to improving health, there are carrots and there are sticks.

One way to try to influence people's habits is by tying how much they pay for health coverage to their behavior.

Starti...Full Story
Doctor Suggests Keeping Weight Loss Plans To Yourself
Anita Mills was 382 pounds when a family doctor gave her four simple rules to lose weight:
1. Eat 8 ounces of food every 3 hours
2. No sugary drinks
3. Do not skip meals
4. Do not tell anyone what...Full Story
Depression When Young Increases Risk for Cardiac Mortality
A nationwide study finds a link between depression or a history of suicide attempts in people younger than 40, and a higher risk for dying from heart disease.

The effect was especially prominent in...Full Story
Unhappiest Hospital Patients Are In New York City, Chicago And Florida
Not all hospital patients are alike. Some are harder to satisfy. Especially those who are admitted to hospitals in and around New York City, Chicago and parts of Florida.

Patients in those places g...Full Story
Sweets May Make People Sweeter; Study Says
Go ahead eat that candy. It may make someone like you more.

A new set of studies show that those who have a "sweet tooth" have more agreeable personalities.

"It is striking that helpful and fri...Full Story
HealthCare "Scorecard" Shows Americans Get Raw Deal
How healthy is U.S. health-care system?

Not very. In a comprehensive new assessment of the system that covers 42 measures of health-care delivery, the U.S. scored 64 out of 100.

"Costs were up ...Full Story
House Again Votes to Increase Mercury Pollution, Premature Death and Disease
By a vote of 275 to 142, the House of Representatives just passed H.R. 2250, a dangerous bill that allows mercury and other toxic air pollution to pour freely from thousands of the nation's worst air ...Full Story
More Ways to Cope With Type 1 Diabetes
With all the concern these days about the nationwide epidemic of Type 2 diabetes, it’s easy to lose sight of the less common but much more serious and incurable form of diabetes called Type 1.

Lon...Full Story
When Doing Nothing Is the Best Medicine
"Don’t just do something; stand there!"

It’s one of those phrases that attending physicians will spout off to their medical students while on rounds, trying to sound both sagacious and clever at th...Full Story
Cell Phones May Not Increase The Risk Of Brain Cancer After All
Whether you carry the new iPhone 4s, Droid, or prefer to carry a basic cell phone, statistics indicate that regardless of your age or income level you probably carry a cell phone. In fact, land line u...Full Story
Too Much Spare Time Could Make You Sad
No one likes being stressed out, with no personal time to do leisurely activities. But a new study suggests having too much time on your hands could decrease happiness, too.

The research, conducted...Full Story
The Health Perks Of Caffeine
This particular study looked at caffeine's effect on depression in over 50,000 women who worked in healthcare. It showed that women who consumed two to three cups of caffeinated coffee per day were 15...Full Story
Agony From Lipitor's Expiration Won't Be Exclusive To Pfizer
Many healthcare investors are worried about patent cliffs that may have severe repercussions for pharmaceutical companies in the coming years. On November 30th, the best selling drug of all time loses...Full Story
States Adding Drug Test as Hurdle for Welfare
As more Americans turn to government programs for refuge from a merciless economy, a growing number are encountering a new price of admission to the social safety net: a urine sample.

Policy makers...Full Story
U.S. Obesity Rate Declines Slightly, Gallup Poll Finds
The percentage of Americans of "normal weight" has slightly increased in the past year, but overweight and obese people still command a solid majority, according to a new Gallup Poll survey.

Accord...Full Story
Fake Drugs Pose Real Danger
Side by side, it’s tough to tell real pharmaceutical prod­ucts from counterfeits. Brian Donnelly, director of Global Security Compliance for Pfizer Inc. in the U.S. and Canada, usually can.

But th...Full Story
Eating Meals With Men May Mean Eating Less
It turns out that the gender of your dining companions makes a big difference in what you eat and how much you eat. The new research on dining habits — although small — adds a new dimension to the stu...Full Story
Why Did Property Values Fall So Quickly?
Why has my property dropped more than 25% in value if housing prices have in general dropped approximately 25% over the past several years?

The answer maybe fraudulent bank appraisals in many cir...Full Story
Effects of Parents Not Vaccinating Their Children
A significant number of parents are delaying or rejecting some vaccinations for their young children. That's according to a new survey in the journal 'Pediatrics'.

FOX 4 medical reporter Meryl Li...Full Story
Golfing Reawakens Some of Dementia's Muscle Memories
Names, dates, places - such memories are lost to the unforgiving chasm of Alzheimer's disease.

But when 84-year-old Jim Byerlee stepped up to the driving range at Cupertino, Calif.'s Deep Cliff Gol...Full Story
I Can't Afford My Home Anymore- What Should I Do?
Everyday a client says to me, "I cannot afford my house or rental property anymore—what should I do?" There are many options one has. As a partner in Newland & Newland LLP I help many people...Full Story
Exercise Counteracts Aging Effects
As we age, our bodies change in ways that challenge athletic ability. But exercise also can slow down — and in some cases even prevent — some of the physiological ravages of time. "A lot of things tha...Full Story
Black Race, African Ancestry Tied to Food Allergies
In a new study of two-year-olds in Boston, black kids were twice as likely as white kids to have animmune response to foods such as peanuts, milk, and eggs, and almost four times as likely to have a "...Full Story
Nearly 40 Percent of Europeans Suffer Mental Illness
Europeans are plagued by mental and neurological illnesses, with almost 165 million people or 38 percent of the population suffering each year from a brain disorder such as depression, anxiety, insomn...Full Story
6 Daily Habits That May Make You Sick
They say that home is where the heart is. But what you may not know is that it's also where 65% of colds and more than half of food-borne illnesses are contracted. The things we do around the house ev...Full Story
Diabetes Risk 80% Lower For Those With Multiple Good Lifestyle Factors, Compared To Those With Worst
Individuals with good lifestyle factors, such as not over-consuming alcohol, eating a healthy diet, doing exercise, not smoking and being of normal weight, are 80% less likely to develop Diabetes Type...Full Story
Blood Supply Threatened By Tickborne Parasite Babesia, Screening Of Blood Donors Required, Says CDC
US blood supplies are becoming increasingly infected with Babesia, a tickborne parasite of red blood cells. The infection is transmitted through blood transfusions. Since 1979, when transfusion-associ...Full Story
Seeing Is Believing When It Comes to Hostility
It may be wiser to rely on observed hostility rather than that reported by patients, researchers suggest. Through 10 years of follow-up, individuals who were observed to be hostile at baseline by trai...Full Story
Fewer Americans smoke, pace of decline slowing: CDC
Smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke is the leading cause of preventable death and disease in the United States, killing an estimated 443,000 Americans each year. Fewer American adults are smoking...Full Story
Common Painkillers Tied to Miscarriage Risk
Researchers found that of nearly 52,000 Quebec women who had been pregnant, those who'd used a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) after conceiving were more than twice as likely to suffer a ...Full Story
When Lapses Are Not Just Signs of Aging
Who hasn’t struggled occasionally to come up with a desired word or the name of someone near and dear? I was still in my 40s when one day the first name of my stepmother of 30-odd years suddenly escap...Full Story
Can Chiropractic Care Help When I Am Pregnant?
While pregnancy is a wonderful thing, it also brings on a variety of ailments including nausea, back, neck and joint pain. According to the American Pregnancy Association, there are no known contraind...Full Story
Diabetes and Dental Care
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, because of high blood glucose levels, diabetics are more likely to have problems with their teeth and gums. Sore, swollen, and red gums tha...Full Story
Creating Beautiful Smiles
If you are not entirely happy with the color of your teeth, your dentist might recommend tooth whitening. Tooth whitening is actually a bleaching process that lightens discolorations of the enamel and...Full Story
“Xtreme Intervention” Project is turning heads across the country
Selepri Amachree knows about addiction…and restoration. He studied anatomy and physiology at Western Illinois University and then battled with a 12 year addiction to cocaine. He entered a 1 year tre...Full Story
10 great health foods for eating well

Here are your best bets for eating well. These 10 health foods are some of the healthiest because they meet at least three of the following criteria:

• Are a good or excellen...Full Story
Selecting Safe & Healthful Seafood
“When chosen carefully, fish is an excellent source of protein, with much less fat and cholesterol than lean meat.”

Facts about fish

Q. How healthful is fish?

A. Fish is a great source...Full Story
Smart Supermarket Shopping
Get the Most From What You Buy

By planning to make recipes and keeping a grocery list, you've already helped guarantee that you'll use the foods you buy. Here are some more tips that will h...Full Story
Shopping strategies for healthy foods
To eat healthy foods, you don't have to drastically change the way you shop. But these strategies will help ensure you have the right foods to follow your healthy eating plan.

Step 1: Plan ahead...Full Story
4 Keys to Balanced Nutrition
The fad diet craze has left us wandering through a land of nutritional confusion. While our bodies are armed with sophisticated palates that crave a variety of foods, these diets often restrict our fo...Full Story
The Asian Food Pyramid: What's on the Menu?
On speed dial: your mom, your best friend, perhaps your spouse — but definitely your favorite Chinese restaurant. If all else fails, there's always takeout, right?

The truth is that those little wh...Full Story
The Mediterranean Food Pyramid: What's on the Menu?
If you're looking for a once-in-a-lifetime meal, you're likely to find it at El Bulli, a restaurant on the Spanish coast in Catalonia that's been called the best in the world by Restaurant Magazine. T...Full Story
Food Groups and the Food Pyramid
The Food Pyramid

The Food Pyramid is a visual image illustrating the contributions of each group of foods that make up a healthful diet.

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) created th...Full Story
Superfoods to the Rescue
Ruby-red pomegranate is an antioxidant superstar”
Exotic fruits and berries boast big antioxidants
by Kathleen Finn

From South America to Malaysia, from Hawaii to China, fruits, berries, and thei...Full Story
Best Bets for Low-Calorie Snacking
It's 4 p.m. Is that your tummy growling? If it is — and you're already grabbing a treat to quiet it down — you may fall into the largest category of snackers.

Three in 10 of us get the munchies in ...Full Story
Shopping strategies for healthy foods
To eat healthy foods, you don't have to drastically change the way you shop. But these strategies will help ensure you have the right foods to follow your healthy eating plan.

Step 1: Plan ahead...Full Story
10 great health foods for eating well
Here are your best bets for eating well. These 10 health foods are some of the healthiest because they meet at least three of the following criteria:
• Are a good or excellent so...Full Story
10 foods that should be in every man's fridge
Frozen orange juice concentrate

The vitamin C content of OJ plunges as soon as it leaves the factory — if it's in a carton. Buy the frozen kind, and you stay a...Full Story
Fast food: 6 ways to healthier meals
Can fast food be part of a weight-loss or healthy diet plan? You might not think so. In fact, you might even think that you can't have a meal that's both quick and healthy.

But this isn't necessari...Full Story
1 In 25 Adolescents Take Antidepressants
Roughly 1 in 25 adolescents in the United States are taking antidepressants, according to a new government study billed as the first to offer such statistics on that age group.

The Centers for Dise...Full Story
NIH study in mice uncovers pathway critical for UV-induced melanoma
NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE - Scientists have made an unanticipated discovery in mice that interferon-gamma, a type of protein primarily used by the immune system for intercellular communication, acts a...Full Story
Genetic Code Deciphered for Form of Pancreatic Cancer
JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE - Scientists at Johns Hopkins have deciphered the genetic code for a type of pancreatic cancer called neuroendocrine or islet cell tumors. The work, describ...Full Story
Living Near Busy Roadways Ups Chances of Allergic Asthma
JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE - An international team of lung experts has new evidence from a study in shantytowns near Lima, Peru, that teens living immediately next to a busy roadway h...Full Story
Nitroxoline blocks new blood vessel growth and starves tumors in mice
JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE - Researchers at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine have discovered that nitroxoline, an antibiotic commonly used around the world to treat uri...Full Story
Antidepressant Use Reduced Hot Flashes In Menopausal Women
PENN MEDICINE - Peri-menopausal and postmenopausal women who took the antidepressant medication escitalopram – brand name Lexapro – experienced a reduction in the frequency and severity of hot flashes...Full Story
Uric Acid May Increase Likelihood of Severe Osteoarthritis
DUKE UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER - The amount of uric acid in one's joints may increase the likelihood of severe osteoarthritis, the most common form of arthritis worldwide, according to researchers at ...Full Story
UCSF Study Identifies Chemicals in Pregnant Women
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA SAN FRANCISCO - The bodies of virtually all U.S. pregnant women carry multiple chemicals, including some banned since the 1970s and others used in common products such as non-...Full Story
Intervention helps curb older adults' drinking but doesn't significantly lower drinking risks
UCLA HEALTH SYSTEM - An intervention program aimed at curbing at-risk drinking among older adults succeeded in helping these individuals significantly reduce their overall alcohol consumption, accordi...Full Story
New Device Allows Neurosurgeons to Treat Complex Brain Aneurysms Without Open Surgery
RUSH UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER – A new device to treat brain aneurysms with stents improves access to the blood vessels allowing endovascular neurosurgeons to offer the minimally invasive technique to...Full Story
Online Tool Can Help Seniors Quickly Determine Risk for Dementia
JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY - Assessment designed to educate, not diagnose, but could aid in early intervention.

A quick online assessment tool developed by Johns Hopkins researchers can help worried ...Full Story
Why coffee protects against diabetes
UCLA HEALTH SCIENCES - Coffee, that morning elixir, may give us an early jump-start to the day, but numerous studies have shown that it also may be protective against type 2 diabetes. Yet no one has r...Full Story
Restless Legs in Pregnancy Predict Later RLS
AMERICAN ACADEMY OF SLEEP MEDICINE - A sleep disorder that may appear during pregnancy could be the sign of things to come later in life. Nearly a quarter of women who experience restless leg syndrome...Full Story
Training Improves Cognitive Function for Patients with Brain Injury
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SAN FRANCISCO - In a study led by researchers at the San Francisco VA Medical Center and the University of California, San Francisco, a new cognitive training method signific...Full Story
Discovery Could Influence Development of New HDL-Targeted Therapies
PENN MEDICINE – The discovery that high levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol (the “good cholesterol”) is associated with reduced risk of cardiovascular disease has fostered intensive ...Full Story
H1N1 pandemic points to vaccine strategy for multiple flu strains
THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO MEDICAL CENTER - Although the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic infected an estimated 60 million people and hospitalized more than 250,000 in the United States, it also brought on...Full Story
Implantable Heart Defibrillators Too Widely Used in High-Risk Patients
More than one in five patients who receive implantable cardioverter-defibrillators (ICDs) do not meet evidence-based guidelines to receive them, significantly increasing their risk of complications an...Full Story
Male pattern balding may be due to stem cell inactivation
Philadelphia – Given the amount of angst over male pattern balding, surprisingly little is known about its cause at the cellular level. In a new study, published in the Journal of Clinical Investigati...Full Story
Age Plays Too Big a Role in Prostate Cancer Treatment Decisions
Older men with high-risk prostate cancer frequently are offered fewer - and less effective - choices of treatment than younger men, potentially resulting in earlier deaths, according to a new Universi...Full Story
Majority of Youth with Mental Disorders May Not Be Receiving Sufficient Services
A substantial proportion of youth with severe mental disorders do not receive mental health care, according to data from an NIMH-funded survey published in the January 2011 issue of the Journal of the...Full Story
Research Provides New Insight into Diet and Epilepsy
Many children with certain forms of epilepsy achieve seizure control through a stringent medically supervised diet, either the ketogenic diet (KD) or a Modified Atkins Diet (MAD). When to use these di...Full Story
American Dietetic Association Publishes Evidence-Based Nutrition Practice Guidelines for Registered Dietitians on Chronic Kidney Disease and HIV/AIDS
Chicago - The American Dietetic Association has published two new evidence-based practice guidelines for registered dietitians, on nutrition treatment for people with chronic kidney disease and with H...Full Story
Study finds video games cause only mild sleep impairment
American Academy of Sleep Medicine - Every school night, millions of teens armed with controllers and headsets clash on the virtual battlefield of “Call of Duty.” You would think these adrenaline-fuel...Full Story
Sleeping after a study session dramatically helps with the recall of new words
American Academy of Sleep Medicine - Get some sleep instead of pulling an all-nighter to buy extra time to cram for a vocabulary exam. A new study found that sleeping after a study session dramaticall...Full Story
Advancements in Fertility Preservation Provide Oncology Patients New Options
Rochester, Minn. - Many young people who've just learned that they have cancer also are told that the therapies that may save their lives could rob them of their ability ever to have children. Inferti...Full Story
Mayo Clinic Determines Lifetime Risk of Adult Rheumatoid Arthritis
Rochester, Minn. - Mayo Clinic researchers have determined the lifetime risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis and six other autoimmune rheumatic diseases for both men and women. The findings appear ...Full Story
Bloody Urine After Injury Rarely Cause For Alarm, but Check It Out Anyway
Few things are more startling to parents than the sight of a child’s bright red-colored urine. Yet, blood in the urine - especially microscopic blood found during routine well-child visits - is fairly...Full Story
Johns Hopkins researchers find pre-hospital procedure may cause more harm than good
Severely injured patients who are routinely given IV fluids by paramedics before transport to the nearest trauma center are significantly more likely to die than similarly injured patients who don’t g...Full Story
Summit on non-communicable diseases
The American Heart Association is participating in an international effort to prepare for a United Nations (UN) high-level summit next year on non-communicable diseases (NCDs). These diseases - mainly...Full Story
Vaccine Safety for Children
The reality of fall is more than jumping in piles of leaves and getting into the holiday spirit. For children, in particular, it is also a susceptible time for catching the flu.

According to the A...Full Story
Why Cholesterol Matters
According to the American Heart Association, high cholesterol is one of the major controllable risk factors for coronary heart, disease, heart attack, and stroke.

As cited by the AHA, as your bloo...Full Story
Cold weather and cardiovascular disease
Winter and cold weather in Chicago go hand-in-hand, but winter and increased health problems, especially for those with cardiovascular disease, do not have to.

With the onset of fall and winter co...Full Story
Are you suffering from caregiver burnout?
Being a caregiver is a full-time job. More often than not, it is a 24/7 job, come rain or shine. However, despite a caregivers’ focus, attention and energy exerted for the betterment of another, they ...Full Story
Drowsy driving to blame for thousands of deaths
November 8, 2010 (WLS)- Is drowsy driving just as dangerous as drunk driving? According to a new study from AAA, it is. In a ABC 7 Healthbeat report, drowsy driving is cited as the cause of many fatal...Full Story
The CDC says “Take 3” Actions to Fight the Flu
The flu is a contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses and can cause mild to severe illness, hospitalization, and even death. According to health experts, the flu viruses spread mainl...Full Story
American Diabetes Association announces new research grant program in bariatric surgery
Two of the world’s leading medical device companies in the fields of endoscopic and bariatric surgery are joining together to support a major research effort through the American Diabetes Association....Full Story
CT scans cut lung cancer deaths, study finds
A massive clinical trial has identified a type of CT scanning as the first screening test that can reduce deaths from lung cancer, the most common cause of cancer deaths in the United States and world...Full Story
Vitamin D deficit doubles risk of stroke in whites, but not in blacks
Low levels of vitamin D doubles the risk of stroke in whites, but not in blacks, according to a recent report by researchers at Johns Hopkins.

Researchers say their findings, presented Nov. 15 at t...Full Story
High cholesterol in middle age is not a risk factor for Alzheimer’s and other dementias
High cholesterol levels in middle age do not appear to increase women’s risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia later in life, new Johns Hopkins-led research finds, despite ...Full Story
Are energy beverages safe to drink when exercising?
ROCHESTER, Minn. - The resurgence of exercise has been accompanied by multiple supplements, sports drinks and energy beverages that promise to enhance performance, muscle growth and recovery. But, are...Full Story
Gene screening may refine prediction of heart attack risk
CHICAGO - Testing for 11 specific genetic variations in hundreds of people with no history of heart disease provided information that led to revision of their estimated heart attack risk, say Mayo Cli...Full Story
Symptoms of obese heart failure patients improved after bariatric surgery
CHICAGO - A Mayo Clinic study has found that morbidly obese heart failure patients who undergo bariatric surgery gain long-lasting and meaningful improvements in disease symptoms and quality of life. ...Full Story
CPR switch: Chest presses first, then give breaths
DALLAS – New guidelines out Monday switch up the steps for CPR, telling rescuers to start with hard, fast chest presses before giving mouth-to-mouth.

The change puts "the simplest step first" for t...Full Story
Study: Alcohol more lethal than heroin, cocaine
LONDON – Alcohol is more dangerous than illegal drugs like heroin and crack cocaine, according to a new study.

British experts evaluated substances including alcohol, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy and m...Full Story
Feds propose graphic cigarette warning labels
RICHMOND, Va. – Corpses, cancer patients and diseased lungs are among the images the federal government plans for larger, graphic warning labels that would take up half of each pack of cigarettes sold...Full Story
Doctors brace for possible big Medicare pay cuts
WASHINGTON – Breast cancer surgeon Kathryn Wagner has posted a warning in her waiting room about a different sort of risk to patients' health: She'll stop taking new Medicare cases if Congress allows ...Full Story
Small Steps for Your Health
There are many things the "experts" tell us to do to get to and stay at a healthy weight and prevent type 2 diabetes: Choose healthy foods, make healthy meals, be active 30 minutes a day. But where sh...Full Story
Rare and deadly form of breast cancer often goes unrecognized by clinicians and patients alike
ATLANTA—October 19, 2010—A rare and deadly form of breast cancer that often goes unrecognized by clinicians and patients alike is the focus of a new report from leading researchers. Inflammatory breas...Full Story
FDA approves new non-stimulant ADHD medication
Kapvay (clonidine hydrochloride extended release) has received Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for the treatment of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children and adolesce...Full Story
American Society of Plastic Surgeons Names Seattle Physician President
ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill. - Phillip Haeck, MD, a partner at Plastic Surgery Associates of Seattle, was named president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), at Plastic Surgery 2010,...Full Story
A new order for CPR, spelled C-A-B
DALLAS, Oct. 18, 2010 — The American Heart Association is re-arranging the ABCs of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in its 2010 American Heart Association Guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitati...Full Story
Diversity commitment reinforced in apology
In a landmark move that reinforces the American Dental Association’s commitment to a diverse and inclusive profession, the ADA Board of Trustees has issued a public apology to dentists for not strongl...Full Story
Senate's 10-year health fix would cost $856B
WASHINGTON – Sen. Max Baucus on Wednesday brought out the much-awaited Finance Committee version of an American health-system remake — a landmark $856 billion, 10-year measure that starts a rough ride...Full Story
Is it breast cancer? Procedures to evaluate breast lumps
Here's a look at what to expect when you have a breast lump evaluated for breast cancer. Learn when more diagnostic tests or procedures might be necessary.

Finding a breast lump or some other chang...Full Story
FDA sued for failure to act on risky painkiller
WASHINGTON - A prescription painkiller sold under such names as Darvon and Darvocet is too risky to stay on the market, a consumer advocacy group argued Thursday in suing the Food and Drug Administrat...Full Story
Man with deadly skin cancer saved by new treatment
ATLANTA - An Oregon man, given less than a year to live, had a complete remission of advanced deadly skin cancer after an experimental treatment that revved up his immune system to fight the tumors. ...Full Story
Once-a-day heart combo pill shows promise in study
ORLANDO, Fla. – It's been a dream for a decade: a single daily pill combining aspirin, cholesterol medicine and blood pressure drugs — everything people need to prevent heart attacks and strokes in a ...Full Story
Study: Extending time of stroke drug treatment OK
LOS ANGELES - Stroke sufferers can still benefit from clot-busting medicine even if they receive it an hour or so beyond the current three-hour window after symptoms start, an important new study sugg...Full Story
ACA House of Delegates: Chiropractic Profession Qualified to Fill the Gaps in Primary Health Care
ACA’s governing body approves policies and charts progress at its annual meeting

The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) underscored its position that doctors of chiropractic are qualifi...Full Story
Swine flu: 10 things you need to know
ATLANTA – Since it first emerged in April, the global swine flu epidemic has sickened more than 1 million Americans and killed about 500. It's also spread around the world, infecting tens of thousands...Full Story
Time to get your flu shot, but just one this year
WASHINGTON – It's flu-shot season already, and for the first time health authorities are urging nearly everyone to get vaccinated. There is even a new high-dose version for people 65 or older.

What...Full Story