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Striper Express Summer
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The Summer season begins in June on Lake Texoma. The stripers have finished spawning.

They come back from up rivers and are entering the main lake.

Hundreds of thousands of hungry fish begin running all over the lake.

They group up in large schools and it starts with slab fishing.

This is when we locate the fish and vertically fish. We drop the slabs over the side of the boat, let it fall to the bottom and reel up fast. The fish can range from 1 pounder to double digits, 10 pound plus stripers are common.

About mid-June the fish start surfacing. This is the traditional top-water sight fishing.

We cast the 6-inch top-water plugs on the feeding fish.

You can see the fish busting shad from long distances. What is happening is the schools of fish find huge

 bait balls. They scare the bait to the water’s surface and explode on the shad.

The shad can run but it cannot hide.  This action will last for a couple of hours then they sound.

That means the fish will stay grouped up and keep feeding. We drop slabs and “rip” them up.

The striper strikes so hard they can take the rod out of your hands.

Some schools of fish can be a quarter of a mile wide and a mile long.

Texoma has a huge population of stripers due to the historic reproduction.

The Summer action will last until the first of September.


Tight Lines, Your Lake Texoma Fishing Guide!

Bill Carey